Art Buying Guide

Turn your memories into custom photo artwork

Picking art should be fun…and we promise that you don’t have to be a design prodigy to pick fine art pieces that make an impact. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing art:
    Go with what you like
  1. Go with what you like. Pick images that resonate with you, and that you know you'll love for years to come. As a shortcut, think about selecting art that complements the style of décor in the room where it will be displayed: think detailed landscapes or portraits for traditional homes energized abstracts for modern spaces, or vintage posters for eclectic rooms.
  2. Consider Composition
  3. Consider composition. Horizontal lines often evoke serenity and peace (a sunset, a beach scene). Vertical lines evoke vitality, energy and progress (a towering tree, a high-rise building). Think about the room where the art will be displayed, and the mood you want to set for the space.
  4. Think about color coordination
  5. Think about color coordination. Color draws the eye to certain details and creates cohesion throughout a space. The colors in a piece of artwork can pull the room together or provide an exclamation point to emphasize a certain design detail.
  6. Size is relative
  7. Size is relative. A piece of artwork might seem small in an open, high-ceilinged loft, or huge in a cozy studio apartment. Match the orientation of the art with the shape of the space—tall, narrow walls will work best with art that's a similar shape. For art that's hanging above furniture, the artwork should be no wider than 3/4 the width of the furniture below it.
  8. Go with a group
  9. Go with a group. Can't pick just one piece? Go with a group of art hung together (2-3" apart keeps things feeling coordinated). Choose art that's got a similar theme or color palette, or create cohesion with images that are the same size or are framed the same way.