FAQs and Glossary for Custom Framed Art

Turn your memories into custom photo artwork

What is a Limited Edition?
In direct contrast to open editions, commonly called “posters,” a limited edition is a reproduction series of a single work of art of a predetermined, finite amount. When the edition series is fulfilled, meaning the very last print is sold, the edition is referred to as “closed.” This exclusivity is highly valued by collectors worldwide.

What is a Giclée?
Giclée prints are part of the modern artisan tradition of fine art reproduction. This era began in 1798 with Lithography and includes Serigraphy (silk screening), first patented in 1907. Giclée, (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is French for “spraying” of ink. This process beautiful renders millions of colors. Every print in our collection is a limited edition giclée on paper or canvas.

Archival Inks
Top echelon inks that push the fine art color gamut and resist fading.

Archival Paper
Paper made specifically for fine art production, acid-free and lignin-free, made to last a lifetime without changes in color.

Art Patron
A supporter of the artist’s endeavor, one who purchases an original or limited edition, where the artist receives a royalty from the sale of each print.

Artisan Frame
An artisan frame has been meticulously crafted by hand.

Canvas is a heavy woven textile, intended to suspend fine art ink, acrylic or oil paints and ultimately fastened to wooden stretcher bars. Canvas artwork is not covered with glass when framed.

The careful inspection and archiving of artwork set to be stored, exhibited or sold, a mandatory process before framing or stretching.

Digital Capture
The ultra-sophisticated process of scanning original artwork set to become a limited edition.

Image Supremacy
Image is everything, the strongest belief in the art world, while a frame is important, experts suggest wall art begins with an image you love.

Lignin-free Paper
Although naturally occurring in all plant life, lignin is detrimental in the production of artwork. Lignin-free paper creates artwork that lasts a lifetime.

A lightfast work of art is resistant to fading or other changes due to light, similar to the term colorfast.

Moulding is the decorative framing material that adorns and encloses artwork.

Royalty Agreement
A contract signed between an artist and fine art publishing house. In the case of limited editions, the artist is paid a royalty for each and every print sold.

Stretcher Bars
The wooden foundation that supports canvas art set to be gallery-wrapped or framed.